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How to Open OptionRobot Trading Account?

How to Open OptionRobot Trading Account?

There are a lot of traders who usually have the same question before they begin trading with This question usually starts with classic “How to open an account with” or “How to begin trading with OptionRobot and maybe Does OptionRobot includes a demo account”.

In this guide, we will speak about all those important steps that will help every trader to start trading with their OptionRobot.

Traders who want to find information connected with the trading interface, payment methods, and other basic information can read our OptionRobot review.

How to Open Account with OptionRobot?

Let’s start from the beginning. All those that are still not sure what OptionRobot is, should first understand the purpose of this software. OptionRobot is a free binary options auto trader that is able to calculate binary signals and execute trades on trader’s behalf. The robot executes trades only while the trader is online.

In order to open the account with OptionRobot, traders just need to fill the basic information and choose the broker of their choose. During the registration, traders will be asked to accept the terms and conditions before they open the account.

it is important to know that traders don’t need to provide any credit card details in order to open the OptionRobot account. This auto trader is free and it offers free binary signals.

Can I Trade with More Brokers with OptionRobot?

No, when you register with OptionRobot software, you can pick only one binary broker to register with. This is one of the disadvantages that might confuse traders during the registration process. Traders can choose to register with more than 15 binary options brokers and here are some of them:

  • 24option
  • StockPair
  • BDSwiss
  • Opteck
  • BinaryOnline
  • Binary Capital Markets

OptionRobot doesn’t allow traders to trade with multiple brokers, but you can choose to register with more brokers of your choice. We have contacted OptionRobot live chat support and their support agent Ashley told us that we can’t make additional OptionRobot accounts in order to trade with more brokers. If you are a type of trader that want to trade with more brokers at once, then OptionRobot is just not the right software for you.

OptionRobot Offers Demo Account

From the other side, if you are a beginner in binary options then you will be overwhelmed to hear that OptionRobot offers traders to practice with a demo account first. Demo account is available and active right after the registration with OptionRobot. This means that traders don’t need to call support agents in order to activate the demo.

In order to start trading with a demo account, traders need to login with OptionRobot. Just go to OptionRobot site and click on login where you will fill your email and password.

What is the Difference Between OptionRobot Demo and Real Money Mode?

Traders who practice with the OptionRobot demo can use demo account for as long as they want to. The demo comes with a virtual €1,000 and it is available during the whole week 0/24. We have asked OptionRobot agent how can traders trade during the weekends too and they told us that software is using “simulated pricing feed” so the robot allows virtual asset prices in order to practice.

When trading with real money mode, traders need to make a deposit with a real broker in order to start trading. Minimum deposit depends on a broker a trader has registered with. Most brokers allow trading from $250.

Traders can switch between the real money mode and OptionRobot demo account whenever they want to. A practice account is always available and all the options from the real account are available for traders to practice with.

OptionRobot Trades with Currency Pairs

It is important to know that traders who open the account with OptionRobot will have the software that only focuses on generating binary signals for several currency pairs only. There are a vast amount of binary robots and some of them offer to trade with more underlying assets which include stocks, indices, and commodities too. Trading with OptionRobot has focused on generating signals for  


When trading with, traders can activate and deactivate those currency pairs according to their trading strategy.  

OptionRobot Features and Customer Support

While we have been writing and researching how to open the account with OptionRobot software, we have also been talking with their friendly customer support. Their support agent told us everything, from how to open the account, trading with a demo account, making a deposit with a broker and using OptionRobot features. The agent had a lot of patience and we thank Ashley for having such a good user experience.  If you have more questions regarding how to open OptionRobot account, you can easily contact their chat support which is available before you register with this software.

Besides excellent customer support, we have also researched the features available with this auto trader. OptionRobot provides various expiry times which includes trading 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and 5 minutes trading. OptionRobot is mostly based on short-term trading which will especially satisfy traders who want to have quick trading results.

Besides that, traders can choose preferred trading method which will define their trading style. Traders can choose between Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci method.

OptionRobot generates binary signals on the base of several trading indicators. Traders can choose to activate or deactivate those signals according to their trading strategy. Each indicator will shape the different trading plan and have a different trading approach.

OptionRobot Settings Allows more Control

Although this is an auto trading binary robot, OptionRobot also has some tools that help traders to limit their investments and monitor their trading management while they trade. As we have already mentioned OptionRobot executes trades only while a trader is online. But, to have more control over their trading portfolio, traders can limit the amount of the investment they want to spend during one day. This amount varies between €1 and €1,500.

Traders can also decide how many simultaneous trades they want to execute with their OptionRobot software. This auto trader allows up to 8 simultaneous trades. Traders can change the settings any time they want.

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