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How to Open Account With Binary Options Robot?

How to Open Account With Binary Options Robot?

In the article, traders will be able to find out a simple step by step guide on how to open a trading account with Binary Options Robot. Those traders who are still unfamiliar with this binary robot, Binary Options Robot is the only binary software on the market that enables traders to have 100% control over their trading portfolio. For more information about this robot, you can look our detailed Binary Options Robot review.

To begin trading with Binary Options Robot, traders first have to open a free account with this binary software. It is important to know that robot provides various trading services that include professional customer support which helps traders if they encounter any problems while registering or trading.

Open the Binary Options Robot Account

The registration process is really easy, you just need to visit Binary Options Robot website and start filling the basic details like first and last name, email address, phone number and choose the password you will use while logging in.

After a trader has managed to fill all the contact information, the last thing before opening the account with Robot is to confirm you are not a robot and to accept Robot terms and conditions. Traders are welcome to read Robot terms and conditions before they open a trading account in order to become familiar with all the aspects of Binary Options Robot software and it services.

Login to Binary Options Robot Dashboard

The moment you have managed to register with Binary Options Robot, traders will be logged to their trading dashboard. For easier managing of account, traders are automatically registered with one of the brokers that are available in their country. This means that traders don’t need to spend their time searching for a broker and register with it, but instead of that Binary Options Robot is going to assign one of the brokers and do it instead of them.

After the registration with Binary Options Robot, traders will receive a confirmation email with all important information.

Connect and Trade with More Brokers Simultaneously

Did you know that Binary Options Robot allows traders to trade with more brokers at the same time? Yes, you can register with more brokers from the same Robot account and deposit and trade with all of them at once.

Trading with more brokers welcomes traders to diversify their trading strategy and to experience various options which can sometimes be more interesting than trading with only one broker.

How to Open Account with other Brokers on Binary Options Robot?

This is very easy, traders will have the option to add more brokers on the Binary Options Robot dashboard. The number of brokers available for registration depends on the availability of the brokers in the specific country.

Some countries have more brokers available, while others will offer only one broker. According to Binary Options Robot, their development agents are continuously working to provide more brokers for traders.

In order to open a new broker account on Binary Options Robot platform, traders just need to pick the broker on the broker list and click on Open account button. The new window will appear and traders will need to fill contact information. The registration process takes less than few minutes.

Binary Options Robot and Payment Options

The most important information about Binary Options Robot is that this software provides 100% free binary options services. Traders don’t need to provide any payment details when they register or trade on Binary Options Robot platform.

Most of the traders are not familiar with this information and they think they have to pay for trading with Robot. Binary Options Robot also provides free binary options signals for their clients. Signals are generated by several computer algorithms that calculate signals with various mathematical techniques.

Trading with Binary Options Robot allows traders to have 100% control over their trading portfolio. This robot is different than other auto trading binary robots because it allows traders to choose if they want to accept or decline a trade. This makes Binary Options Robot a place that provides traders with free binary signals, but it waits for their approval and acceptance for each trade.

Why Trade with Binary Options Robot?

The great thing about trading with Binary Options Robot is that traders can choose to trade semi-automatically or manually and this depends on their preferences.

This binary software is, according to the Binary Options Robot developed and specialized for traders that don’t have time or knowledge about binary options. We all know that it is nearly impossible to invest in binary options without any knowledge about trading techniques, underlying assets, trading options and binary brokers.

Traders without experience probably don’t know that choosing a binary broker can sometimes be the hardest thing and that there is a big chance they will encounter a scam broker. To avoid scam brokers traders are welcome to read about brokers first. But even if they find an appropriate broker, some traders don’t want to trade manually so Binary Options Robot might be the best option for them.

According to this software, Binary Options Robot listed only tested binary brokers that are trustworthy and considered as reliable brokerage companies. The advantage of this software is that traders don’t need to search for brokers online, they are given inside the Binary Options Robot software. Traders are welcome to choose between several brokers and they can easily choose to deposit and trade with more brokers on the same trading platform.

Contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding registration process or adding additional brokers to your Binary Options Robot platform, you can contact their friendly customer support available via live chat or standard contact form. Customer support is available before traders even register with Binary Options Robot.

For more information about Binary Options Robot, traders are welcome to read our extensive Binary Options Robot review or other interesting articles in our binary options guides. Find out more about free VIP account and how they can activate and use for a whole month.

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