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Most Popular Binary Options Scam Robots

Most Popular Binary Options Scam Robots

Let us first introduce traders what this article will be about. Since there is a huge number of binary options robots and signals available on the internet, it is not a surprise there are various types of binary options scams too. Because of that, we decided to write an article that will be helpful for those traders who are not yet aware there might be suspicious products that have the intention to take their money away.

Traders who search for binary robots and signal providers are in the most cases inexperienced traders who need a binary software that will generate signals for them. The process of calculation includes various types of technical and fundamental analysis, which for some traders represents a problem since they don’t know how to use them.

Trading with the support of a reliable binary software makes all this possible, you just need to find appropriate product and avoid scams around you. The presence of binary robots and signal providers allows traders invest their money in the industry they would never be able to participate in.

The List of Binary Products that Show No Signs of Scam

On our site, we have reviewed a lot of binary products that show no signs of a possible scam. This is very important because traders don’t know how to recognize a possible scam software. On Robots tab there is a list of brokers we have carefully reviewed and made a detailed analysis of their features and services. One of those robots is a well known BinaryOptionsRobot which is a semi-automated binary robot that generates free signals. Another similar product that recently came on the market is Trader’s Buddy, which offers various types of trading strategies – auto trading, semi-auto trading and social trading.

Traders who prefer using a signal provider instead of a binary robot can check the latest binary products that have been reviewed on our Signals page. SignalSamurai, BinaryCopier, and BinarySignalsTrader are brand new versions of signal providers that generate signals for traders but also let them execute those trades directly from the trading platform.

Binary options robots with a full auto trading services are Fintech and which are able to execute trades on trader’s behalf.

As we have already said, we haven’t found these products have any suspicious details that might indicate it is a scam. First of all, neither of them claims 100% accuracy or returns, because we should all know it is impossible. Secondly, when we have registered to test those products, their support agents weren’t pushy and forcing us to deposit with the broker. It is important to mention that all of the brands have terms and conditions document available before traders open account. Terms and conditions are not vague like it is with most scam products we have seen. The visual appearance of all those products websites don’t indicate or claim that you will make profits. Most of the binary scam robots make promises traders will become rich over the night, so this is definitely something you can’t trust.

Depending on which type of a trader you are, you can read the reviews we have prepared for you and see which binary robot or signal service fits you the most. All of the mentioned products are free of charge and some of them involve VIP accounts which include more trading options.

In the next chapter, we will mention some of the binary products that have signs of scams and we want to alert traders they might be unsafe for trading.   

The List of Binary Products that Show Signs of Scam

When we talk about signs, we mostly think about several most important things that might indicate the software is a scam. Like we have mentioned earlier, the first indicator is when traders see there is a 100% guarantee they will profit with certain binary software. Trading binary options are very risky and there is no guarantee that you can profit from every trade. 

Orion Code Potential Fraud?

This binary options software popularity has become very popular in a short time period. we have reviewed the Orion Code and found several signs that show signals of a possible scam. First of all, Orion Code website looks very plastic. All over the site traders may see fake promises and fake testimonials.

When logged on their site, Orion code website will automatically run a promotional video where traders can see several actors that pretend to be Orion Code makers. Edward Robinson is allegedly a person who managed to develop a super successful binary software that is able to generate binary signals. According to Robinson, every trader who registers with his software is able to make up to $10,000 per day.

There is no evidence how this software works and traders should be careful and not believe that Orion Code works with 100% success.

Lucrosa Auto Trading Potential Fraud?

Lucorsa is another interesting binary software that presents itself as 100% risk-free product. All information that we have gathered to analyze Lucrosa software was directly from their site. We have found Lucrosa shows several signs of scam including the video in which John Lucrosa explains that traders will become rich after they invest just $250.

“Do you want to start making over $7,000 a day? Starting today? Today, tomorrow, for life.” or “Our software uses artificial intelligence to LEGALLY and ETHICALLY take advantage of the markets.” are just a few statements mentioned in the Lucrosa video. Traders should be careful when registering with products like these.

Besides mentioned, Lucrosa software promises traders will receive up to $210,000 every month. We haven’t found this software provides terms and conditions which could also be another important sign of a possible scam. Also, there is no company information, which additionally confirms this software is not transparent.  

There are hundreds of similar binary options products that show signs of a possible scam. Traders should be aware they might register and invest in a scam software if they are not careful. To avoid situations like these, traders should check the software reviews before they start investing. Our site provides transparent information about every binary robot, broker, and signal provider and we always point out every important fact that might help traders avoid scam products. Traders should also get the information about binary broker they register through the binary robot. Check the information about brokers to find out if they are regulated and reliable to invest with. 

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