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How to Open FinTech Trading Account?

How to Open FinTech Trading Account?

Many traders mostly wonder how to open an account with certain binary options software. In this guide, we will reveal how to open an account with Fintech binary software.

According to their site, this software is being developed for those that feel and are complete beginners in binary options trading. Fintech is a free binary options software that has the ability to trade automatically according to the trader’s preferences.

Open Your Free Account With Fintech Now

How to Open Fintech Trading Account?

This is very easy.

Because the software is prepared for those who are binary newbies, the developers of this binary options software have adjusted the software to be simple and easy to navigate.

In order to start trading with Fintech, traders have to register and open a trading account first. Fintech is a free binary software and traders don’t need to make any payments to use this software. This is very important to know because there are various binary robots available and some charge their services too.

The registration process is very simple and quick, traders need to fill their name and email in order to continue with the registration process. When traders fill the information, the next step is to click on “Start Making Money NOW” button.

The next window asks for more info, like last name phone number and choosing the password traders to plan to use while they are logging in their Fintech account.   

After traders have filled all information, the new window opens and traders can log in to their account.

Open Your Free Account With Fintech Now

Login to Your Fintech Trading Account

After you register with Fintech, traders will receive two welcome emails with basic information about the software. Traders don’t need to verify their trading accounts. They can simply log in on Fintech account right after receiving the confirmation emails.

We have made test account in order to provide traders with accurate information about how the registration process with Fintech looks like. In the email we have received,  Fintech informed us that the accuracy rate with their software went 89,2% since last week.

Second mail we have received was the email from CTOption broker. Traders that register with Fintech will instantly be registered with one of the brokers available on the Fintech platform. This automated process simplifies the process of adding a broker to the trading platform.

Funding the Broker Account

In order to start automated trading with Fintech, traders first have to deposit their investments with the broker they have been registered with. As we have already mentioned, we have received CTOption broker registration so we have been redirected to deposit with this broker.

Traders can’t see the Fintech trading platform until they make a deposit with a broker. Fintech traders can start using the platform after they make $250 deposit with a broker. Some traders might find this unusual because there are binary robots that allow their traders to check the trading platform even before they have deposited with a broker. This is something Fintech could think over and allow the access to the interface of their platform in the future.

Is Fintech Really a Simple Binary Software?

From what we have seen, Fintech is a simple binary options robot that allowed their traders to be careless and leave all calculations and analysis to the software algorithms. It is made for those who don’t have time and those who don’t have enough knowledge to trade binary options by themselves.

According to the Fintech website, this robot is able to track financial news over the globe and to analyze binary signals using more analysis tools. Fintech auto trading software is designed to track and calculate binary signals in the real time.

Open Your Free Account With Fintech Now

Open Fintech Account and Trade from Anywhere

The advantage of most binary robots is that traders are able to log in from any device they want. The Fintech software is a web-based application, which means traders don’t even need to download any programs to their computers.

As most of  Fintech traders live on the go, the fact they can log in from any device is positive to know. In order to login with Fintech, traders only need to go to Fintech website and login with their email and password.

Those who still don’t have Fintech account are welcome to register through their phone, tablet or computer and make their trading account in just a few minutes. Fintech software is created to be simple and approachable to those that just want to make invest with a certain broker but without much worry about how to place trades or calculate the signals. Fintech is here to support traders with heavy stuff while traders can customize their trading preferences whenever they want to.

Fintech Robot Review

For those who want to find more information about Fintech, they can easily find all about available brokers, trading options and much more in our detailed Fintech review. We have analyzed Fintech software with the purpose to bring most important facts about this binary product.

After reading of our guide and review, traders will be able to decide if Fintech is legit or scam binary software. Besides that, we have also compared Fintech with other binary options products and pointed out several things that could be improved.

It is interesting to know that Fintech allows both automated and manual trading option. This is excellent for those that want to switch between those two trading modes and expand their trading strategy. Fintech allows traders to reverse their trades, so the software will place the opposite as calculated.

How Fintech Works?

Fintech is advanced binary options software that uses various algorithms that recognize opportunities on financial markets. The software is focused to collect data for stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs.

The algorithm also keeps track of financial and global happenings that have an impact on values of all underlying assets. The Fintech algorithm continuously searches for the best market opportunity and it places trades according to the trader’s preferences. Traders can select vast amount of trading assets and set their maximum daily trades.

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