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How Does Binary Options Robot Work?

How Does Binary Options Robot Work?

Binary options trading is where traders are able to place trades based on a yes-or-no outcome, also known as deciding between put or call. The concept is based on the following trading steps: pick assets, make deposits with brokers, set the time of expiry and check the results of the trades.

This article is about the ground breaking software that has transformed the way of binary options trading and has made it more approachable to traders regardless of their trading skills. If you have ever wanted to know more about trading with binary options, Binary Options Robot is what every trader should have in order to be successful in binary options trading.

Binary Options Robot is a fully optimized, principally user-friendly and highly developed auto trading binary system. It is equipped with additional distinguished features so traders can customize their dashboard individually. If you have already activated your Binary Options Robot for free, then you are already ahead of everyone else that still hasn’t had the luck to find out about this extraordinary auto trading software.

Is Binary Options Robot Really For Free?

Absolutely yes. If you are a skeptic or simply cautious, and are sure this is a marketing trick to allure traders, prepare to be proven otherwise. Binary Options Robot is a free software that requires one thing only; to be online. It doesn’t function like an application that needs to be downloaded and updated with additional charges. To use Binary Options Robot, you just need to register in a few simple steps.

Binary Options Robot is equipped with several additional features that are also available to every trader who has made their first deposit with a broker. If you have deposited and started trading, wait no more and activate the VIP Account to gain access to those features, completely for free.

Binary Options Robot – Auto Trading

Much to trader’s surprise, Binary Options Robot does not require you to have any previous knowledge and/or experience in financing, math, binary options or reading charts. Binary Options Robot has got all of that covered.

The principle is following; the Robot operates on mathematical algorithms which are conveyed as signals. The signals compare extremely complex market data and provide predictions for traders. The Robot spares traders from the complex market analysis and additional calculations and provides essential trading information within seconds.

The Robot functions as trader’s personal trading assistant that does exactly what trader needs by placing trades when the best market opportunity comes by.

Additional Features Available with Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot dashboard is designed to be adapted to a trader’s personal preference. Managing your own money should not be a set of complicated procedures and Binary Options Robot is fully aware of that. It is not just about turning on or off your preferred assets.

Therefore, if you have already registered and made the first deposit with a selected broker, you are free to try out additional special features available on Binary Options Robot dashboard.


Daily Stop Loss Limit – Binary Options Robot Special Feature

Let’s say you have decided how many investments you wish to place in a day. You have set a daily amount and don’t want to go over it. That’s what the Daily Stop Loss Limit is for. Enable the option and the Robot will stop trading once it reaches the amount set for trading. Traders have the absolute control over their account and can safely let Robot trade within the determined limit.

Max Daily Trades – Binary Options Robot Special Feature

Not so different from Daily Stop Loss Limit when it comes to terms of use, Max Daily Trades feature instructs the Robot to perform the exact number of trades which a trader types in the Max Daily Trades box.

Bear in mind, both features can be changed at any moment while trading. And even more importantly, trading and other activated features are executed only while the trader is online. This is to ensure safety above all. Traders are aware and informed of everything while the Robot is securely trading.

VIP Account – Binary Options Robot

When trading with Binary Options Robot, VIP Account is not a special feature only available to some traders. You have probably started trading and made a deposit with a broker and didn’t even know that you have gained access to all the features enabled in VIP Account. Yes, when a trader makes the first deposit with a broker, VIP Account is free to use for an entire month.

It doesn’t have to stop there. When the free month expires, you can easily prolong your VIP status. Here’s how. If you make another deposit with another broker, you are rewarded with 3 months of VIP membership. For all additional information and how to prolong your VIP Account, please contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support and they will activate your VIP status and provide you with all the necessary information.

Once you have activated your VIP Account, here are the special features that are free to use. Risk Level feature helps you navigate your own trading strategies. If you are more about using Low Risk Level, that means the Robot is instructed to place fewer and safer trades.

On the other hand, there is the High Risk Level option where Robot places more trades with more risk but higher profit possibilities. Whichever Risk Level seems appropriate for someone, traders should also keep in mind that they can choose different Risk Levels for each broker that they trade with.

It is more advisable for beginners to start with Low Risk Level option and once they are more confident and experienced with their trading, they can simply switch to Higher Risk Levels and expand on their trades with a better probability of higher profits.

One other special feature included in the VIP Account is the feature called Trading Strategies. There are four strategies to choose from and each one has a specific algorithm.

When talking about Trading Strategies, please note that while trading there has to be at least one strategy activated. Of course, traders are welcome to explore different strategies at the same time which increases their chances of gaining profit.

Binary Options Robot And Available Brokers

Binary Options Robot focuses on creating a trading environment where traders feel safe and secure at all times. In order for that to run smoothly, Binary Options Robot recommends trading only with trusted brokers. Binary options trading is available to anyone and unfortunately, there are occasionally some brokers who try to scam traders.

That is precisely why Binary Options Robot will only recommend brokers who are reputable and dependable. Luckily, the trader doesn’t have to settle with just one broker at a time. In fact, trading with more brokers means increased chances of higher profit.

Customer Support With Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot Customer Support is a team of professionals who provide assistance and information to their traders. For traders who wish to prolong their VIP membership, contact Customer Support to get all the necessary information.

Customer support can be contacted by e-mail and live chat during office hours; 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., every day of the week, Monday to Sunday.

A free software, developed for auto trading, equipped with special features and free VIP Account, recommending only trusted brokers, Binary Options Robot is perfect for traders in the binary options market.

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