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How to Efficiently Set Your Binary Options Robot Preferences?

The best binary options auto trading software just got better and it is generating even better win-ratios than ever before.

It is easy to list many advantages of trading binary options with Binary Options Robot. First of all, it trades automatically for you, at any time, as long as you are online. Also, the Robot will not panic or close the trade just because it “had a feeling about it”. And more, Binary Options Robot places trades only while you are online in order to save your funds. Having said that, Binary Options Robot will keep its eye on the market and trade according to the rules that you establish.

With the support of successful binary algorithms, Binary Options Robot is generating high quality signals that are directly fed into Binary Options Robot dashboard. These signals achieve super high ratios of successful “in the money trades”. This trading solution has taken Binary Options Robot to the top of the binary auto trading industry.

First Step before you Begin Trading with Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot is definitely not high maintenance. To get you started, you only need to register for free. This means that you type in your basic information and you’ve got yourself a Binary Options Robot account.

You don’t need to download anything. The Robot doesn’t require any payments. Traders only need to be online to use their account and trade. For your first deposit, you only need to pick one of the trusted brokers on the Robot dashboard. All payments and withdrawals always happen between the trader and the broker.   

Binary Options Robot Platform that Requires No Downloads

Binary Options Robot has an efficient and easy to use platform that requires no downloads nor special setup. Binary Options Robot is further improved by enabling traders to simply sign up with the Robot without the need to go to the broker website. This is also brilliant for traders who want to trade with multiple brokers. You can make deposits with more than one broker. This means that you can use the same Robot platform and set it up for each broker differently.

In order to do that effectively, you should know what each feature on the dashboard does and how to get the best out of it.

Trading Platform has over 50 assets and they covers the largest section on the platform. They can each be activated or deactivated at any time during active trading. However, don’t make a rookie mistake and block your signals by deactivating these assets. Your Robot won’t have a lot of trades to place. This means that you won’t have good profit chances. If you activate most of your assets, you will get more binary signals and better profit chances.

 Trade Options feature allows traders to manage their money productively. Daily Stop loss lets you input a maximum spending daily limit. When the Robot spends it, trading stops, ensuring traders of unwanted money loss.

Max Daily Trades works on the same principle,  but with the amount of trades. You put a maximum number of trades and when the Robot places that many trades, it stops trading.

With Trading Room tab on the Robot dashboard, traders can trade manually. It is easy to understand why Binary Options Robot has become so popular so fast. While you set up the Robot to place trades, you can also explore manual trading. However, manual trading means that you don’t get to use any of the advantages that the Robot features provide.

With this incredibly user-friendly trading platform, Binary Options Robot is taking trading to a new level.

Binary Options Robot free VIP account

For new traders, the Robot has prepared a special promotion that will get them VIP account privileges. All you have to do is register with the Robot and deposit with a broker that is supported by Binary Options Robot. Then, simply contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support and you will automatically become a VIP member for a whole month, no charge. VIP account holders can use all the benefits of Binary Options Robot portfolio selection.

With Binary Options Robot, you are not only going to have great profit chances generated by this great software, you will also use VIP privileges to master your trading technique.

The outstanding Binary Options Robot VIP account allows traders to select from four of the binary options strategies: Wise Growth Strategy, Perfect Pitch Method, High Yield Systems and Capital Gain Cue. Traders are welcome to trade with one or more trading strategies. Traders can even use different trading strategies with each broker, so they will bring diversity in their trading plan.

Traders are welcome to choose Risk Level according to their trading preferences and choose Expiry Times that will be applied during the trading process.
Risk Level lets traders use different risk options with different brokers. Low risk level means less trades with minimum risk involved. High risk level is for traders who want higher profit opportunities. This means that the Robot will place a lot more trades.

Expiry Times feature has 60 seconds and Daily Trade options. They differ in the duration of trades. It depends on the traders whether they want shorter or longer trading. However, both can be used which means that the Robot will be looking for both types of trades and give you more trading opportunities.

Binary Options Robot is Compatible with all Devices

Binary Options Robot is compatible with PC, Mac, mobiles, and tablets. In fact, the Robot has recently released a trading app for Android. The app is free to install. It is available on Play Store. The Robot welcomes traders to use all of the devices, depending on their needs. Binary Options Robot is a web-based application that requires no downloads. The trader simply needs to register and login with their Binary Options Robot account. Deposit with one or more brokers from the platform, check your trading results in the History tab, activate your VIP account with their Customer support, and master the trading features in no time.

So, if you are looking forward to making profits in a safe and simple way, we do suggest you to not waste your time and consider having the best free auto trading software available on the market.

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