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Follow These 10 Steps To Profit With Binary Options Robot

Follow These 10 Steps To Profit With Binary Options Robot

In this article, you will discover in 10 steps how to achieve profit with Binary Options Robot. Now, let’s start by demonstrating how the ultimate 100% automated software – Binary Options Robot even works.

When Binary Options Robot conquered the world of binary options, it did it by making it practical and profitable for traders with no previous trading skills. So, how does that the auto trading software function? It is a set of complex mathematical algorithms that constantly scan the current market situation and generate binary signals that give information about trades with the most optimal winning odds.

It works perfectly as it never gets tired and there is no room for human error – the Robot will always place trades from an objective standpoint.

These 10 steps should help Binary Options Robot traders to, first of all, trade in safe conditions and, second of all, productively use Robot features to enhance their own profit odds.

Step 1, Register With Binary Options Robot

For newcomers, the first step is the easiest. Binary Options Robot lets you register in a few simple clicks. There are no fees and you don’t have to download anything.

Just enter the basic information and you can make your deposit with a broker.

The only condition to use the Robot for trading is to be online. The Robot cannot place trades while the trader is offline. This is also one of the many safety measures that the Robot takes for the good of its traders.

Step 2, Make A Deposit With A Broker

This is your second step and it happens between the trader and the broker. Traders log in with their Robot, check out the broker list on the trading platform, pick one of the trusted brokers and make a deposit with them. You can make deposits with multiple brokers on your Robot dashboard and trade with all of them at the same time, thanks to Binary Options Robot. This particular step will be further explained in this article.

The usual minimum deposit amount is $250. When this is done, you may begin trading with the Robot.

Step 3, Optimize Trade Options On The Robot Platform

There are two Trade Options features that focus on spending and trading limits. This is to enable traders to better handle their finances.

Each feature can be changed at all times and used for multiple brokers.

Daily Stop Loss lets the Robot use the amount you put in the box. This means that when the Robot spends that amount, it immediately stops trading.

Max Daily Trades is about setting a limit for the number of trades. When you put a maximum number of daily trades, the Robot will place trades until it reaches that number. It also automatically stops trading afterward.

Step 4, More Activated Assets  = Better Profit Opportunities With Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot platform offers over 50 assets for trading. They each have their own value and should be used to get the most out of trading with the Robot. Therefore, when traders start trading, they should activate most of the assets. Of course, the best way would be to activate all of them. But the important thing to remember is not to activate just a few assets.

This will minimize your odds for gaining profit. There won’t be a lot of signals coming through, and the Robot is limited to only a few trades.

You can also invest in different types of assets. There are currency pairs, commodities and stocks. In Trade Amount feature, you can put a different amount for each of the the asset type. Minimum trading amount is usually $25. Some brokers require only $1, like Banc de Binary and OptionFM.


Step 5 On How To Get The Best Out Of Binary Options Robot VIP Account

VIP features are available on your Robot dashboard and here is how you can use them. If you have registered with the Robot and made a deposit with a broker, Binary Options Robot rewards you with a free month of VIP membership. Just contact their Customer Support and they will gladly activate your account.

VIP features allow traders to perfect their trading techniques and have a more productive use of the Robot. This is for traders to achieve higher profit opportunities more easily.

Find out in the following steps how to successfully use the VIP account to get the results that you need.

Step 6, Explore Different Risk Levels on the Robot Dashboard

There are four types of risk levels available on the trading platform. You can set different risk levels for trading with multiple brokers at the same time. Here is what you need to know about this feature. When traders set their risk level to low, the Robot places a small number of trades with greater profit odds. This is a great start for beginners to test the waters before they jump in. They get to experience the fresh thrill of trading before they start placing more trades with chances of higher profit. To do that, traders need to set their risk level to high. By doing this, the Robot places a lot more trades which could lead to a very high profit.

To diversify your trading strategy, you can set different risk levels for different brokers and simply observe the outcome of your strategizing.

Step 7, Binary Options Robot Expiry Times

There are different time frames for trades. Some trades have a shorter and some have a longer time frame. If you want short term trading, choose 60 seconds. If you want the Robot to look for trades with longer time frame, choose Daily Trades.

Both features can be used at the same time which means the Robot is constantly looking for short term and long term trades. Using both options gives you better winning opportunities.

Step 8, Trade With Multiple Brokers on Binary Options Robot Platform

To trade with more than one broker from the broker list on the Robot dashboard, you only register once with the Robot but make deposits with each broker separately.

Even though you are trading with multiple brokers, you still use the same dashboard for each broker. This is very convenient and practical because you don’t have to change the trading routine that works perfectly for you.

You simply click on the broker you wish to trade with, set the preferences on the dashboard and start trading. The process is the same for every other broker. You could be placing a high number of trades within minutes and improve your winning chances significantly.

Step 9, Full Robot Service With Manual and Automated Trading

It is up to you to choose if you want to trade manually or with an auto trading software. However, with Binary Options Robot you don’t have to choose, you can do both!

Manual trading is available on the Robot dashboard under Trading Room tab. When you access it, you are linked to the broker’s account where you can set your trades manually. Just remember, this type of trading does not let you use all the advantages that come with this auto trading software.

Step 10, Get Your Binary Options Robot App

Many traders have been waiting for the Robot to make a trading app. It is here and it is available for Android. Go to Play Store, find your app and install it for free.

Binary Options Robot App offers the same features as Binary Options Robot website. The interface remains user-friendly, only adapted for smartphone and tablet users.

If you already have an existing account, use it to log in on the trading app and trade from anywhere at anytime.

These 10 steps have been thoughtfully presented to traders to get the most out of trading with Binary Options Robot. These steps let you develop your trading strategies more efficiently. They guide beginners to optimally set up the Robot features and to make sure traders are always one step ahead in getting the best profit opportunities.

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