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Everything There Is To Know About Binary Options Robot

Everything There Is To Know About Binary Options Robot

Traders don’t often understand what are the features offered by Binary Options Robot. Binary options are attracting people to invest their money, but most of the times they don’t know how to invest and where to begin trading.

Most of the traders are not informed about facts they need to know before they start trading with a certain broker or binary robot. In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about trading with world’s best binary options robot.

If you want to know how to start trading with Binary Options Robot, you can read this article.

What is Binary Options Robot – A Beginner Level Explanation

There are many websites that explain all about binary options trading, but traders don’t understand it because of their complicated writing style. On we were focusing on trading newbies that don’t have knowledge about binary trading. This article will explain all trading functions of Binary Options Robot – the best binary options software on the market.

It is very important to note that traders need to be informed about all trading features of this binary product, so their trading can bring more profits. First of all, Binary Options Robot is a free binary software that has the power to auto trade with more than 50 assets.

Why Should You Begin Trading With Binary Options Robot?

Because you are a beginner and obviously you are searching for an easier way to trade binary options. Or maybe you are experienced trader, but you don’t have time for trading manually? In both ways, Binary Options Robot is truly a good product to start with. Binary Options Robot is ideal for beginner traders because they don’t need to have any previous knowledge about binary options.

Auto trading has become even more popular because trading manually takes more time. Auto trading has more pro’s and we are going to explain all of them.

I Want to Know How How To Register With Binary Options Robot

This is easy, you just need to go to Binary Options Robot website and start filling the registration form on the homepage. Traders are not required to fill any payment details with Binary Options Robot software. Just enter your name, last name, and email. Choose the password of your choice, enter the phone and confirm you are not a robot.

Traders are recommended to read Binary Options Robot terms and conditions in order to find out what are their rights and obligations while they are trading. There is also a tick box where traders can define if they want to receive Binary Options Robot newsletter.

How to Add a Broker to My Binary Options Robot Portfolio?

Since most of the traders are beginners in binary options trading, Binary Options Robot will make registration with the first broker automatically. This means that traders don’t need to search for brokers on the internet and add them to Robot platform, but they will have a broker account that is ready for them begin trading.

Only brokers that are available on Binary Options Robot platform are available for trading with Robot. This means that traders can’t choose a broker on the internet and add it to Robot platform, they can only register with brokers that are available on Robot dashboard.


What After I Make a Deposit With a Broker?

It is very important to say that traders don’t make any deposits with Binary Options Robot, but with brokers. This means that, after you have registered with a certain broker, you will go to your broker account on broker website and make a deposit using the payment method that fits your preferences. After the funds have been deposited, go back to your Robot platform and check if the funds are visible.

Depending on the payment method, the funds can be visible within a few seconds or a few minutes. If you have made a deposit through bank wire, there is a possibility that funds will be visible inside of 1 business day, depending on the bank you are using.

Set Preferences on Binary Options Robot and Begin Auto Trading

After you see your funds, auto trading process can start. Binary Options Robot offers you plenty of useful trading features that will make your trading successful.

First of all, define the Daily Stop Loss option where you will limit your Robot to trade beyond the preferred amount of investment. For example, if you have deposited $800 and you wish to spend maximally $300, enter $300 in Daily Stop Loss box and your Robot will stop auto trading after it reaches this amount.

Another useful option is Max Daily Trades tool where traders define the number of trades that can happen during one day. This means that trader can optimize the Robot to maximally 6 trades per day. If you have limited Robot to trade with up to $300 with maximally 6 trades, this means that Robot will stop trading after it places 6 trades.

Besides those two options, traders are also enabled to define Trade amounts – for stocks, commodities and currency pairs. each group can be set differently, meaning trader can set $10 for stocks, $50 for currency pairs and $$25 for commodities. Depending on signals, Robot will place up to six trades and follow these rules.

It is great to know that Binary Options Robot can limit your funds and protect your investment portfolio. Basically, Robot protects you from losing all of your money, which is more than positive, especially for beginners.

Define the Assets on Binary Options Robot Dashboard

As we have mentioned before, there are over 50 assets traders can choose to trade with. Among them, traders can find some of the most popular stocks, currency pairs or commodities. Most traders limit their Robot and activate only a few assets. The more assets you deactivate, Robot will place fewer trades. So, choose more assets and let your Robot search for best binary signals.

What Else You Need to Know About Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot is a software that is based on computer algorithms. Algorithms are calculating the values of different assets and create binary signals. When the best market situation comes by, Robot will automatically place a trade. Traders don’t need to pay for binary signals, they are provided for free.

Traders who use Binary Options Robot VIP account are enabled to choose different trading strategies which give them an opportunity to switch between four different strategies.

How to Get Binary Options Robot VIP Membership Status?

Easy. Just make a deposit with one of the brokers that are available on  Binary Options Robot portfolio. First deposit will bring you one month of free access to VIP features.

VIP features give you the opportunity to change risk levels of your trading, to choose different trading strategies and to define expiry times for your Robot.

For more questions, you can always contact helpful Binary Options Robot customer support that is also available through live chat.

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