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The Efficient Use of Binary Options Robot Special Features

The Efficient Use of Binary Options Robot Special Features

There is a way for traders to make profits without having previous experience. The auto trading industry has revolutionized the approach to binary options trading. There are hundreds of binary robots on the market that claim to provide easy money opportunities.

Unless you are already an experienced in the field of binary options auto trading, it is easy to come across the wrong type of binary robot. More often than not, scammers usually have tell-tale signs. However, instead of knowing how to recognize a faulty binary robot, find out how to trade with a trusted and successful binary robot.

Binary Options Robot has been popular among traders, especially beginners. Due to its effective algorithm trading and 100% user control, traders only have to be efficient while using the Robot special features. What’s the use of having the newest iPhone, for example, if you don’t know how to use it to its full potential? That is why Binary Options Robot traders will find out what’s the most efficient use of the Robot special features.

Binary Options Robot General Use

To begin trading with this auto trading software, traders have to register for free. This is done in a few simple steps with filling out a few basic information. This is enough to activate the trading account. Since Binary Options Robot trades only while the trader is online, the software doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed. When the trader is offline, the Robot cannot trade.

The next quick step is making a deposit with a broker. Traders never make payments with the Robot. Any transaction is always done between traders and brokers.

So, when traders make a deposit, they are linked to the broker’s account where they can complete the transaction. Shortly after, they are able to access their Binary Options Robot trading dashboard. Traders are also able to see their available funds on their Robot trading dashboard.

The Efficient Use of a Special Setting on Binary Options Robot

Auto Trade Approval is a new setting on Binary Options Robot that definitely needs to be mentioned. Unlike other Robot features that are fixed on the Robot dashboard, Auto Trade Approval is a trading benefit that appears in a form of a pop-up window.

What does Auto Trade Approval do? Unlike before, where traders would automatically receive and wouldn’t be able to do anything with them, this novelty allows traders to control what trades will be placed and which trades will be refused.


It’s important to know all the functions of this type of trade acceptance because it is connected with the way traders optimize the Robot features. So, the Robot scans the market and looks for the optimal trades that could bring profit. When the Robot finds the trade, it appears as a pop-up window on the trading dashboard. This means that the trader is now able to see all the specifics concerning each trade that pops up. The specifics are the asset, its investment value, a suggestion whether to call or put, and the expiry time for accepting the offered trade.

This unique and totally new Binary Options Robot benefit is providing the complete control to its traders over each trade that pops up. All traders have to do is accept or decline the trade. The Robot is still as effective and accurate and provides the ultimate trading experience. The only advantage is that now when the Robot finds the trades, traders can simply decide to take the trade or leave it.

The Efficient Use of Binary Options Robot Assets

The opportunity to invest in more than 50 assets is more than an efficient way to begin trading with Binary Options Robot. This means that traders get to invest in 3 different asset types. Binary Options Robot enables traders to invest in currency pairs, stocks, and commodities. This is additionally customized with the Trade Amount feature.

What makes this feature special is that it shapes how you enable the Robot to look for trades. So, firstly, traders should activate most of their assets. This is a logical step for all Robot traders because it allows more trades to pop up on the dashboard. If the Robot has more than 40 assets activated, it can scan for a lot more trades and provide them to the trader. Now, when this is optimized, traders get to choose how much they want to invest in the asset types.

Most brokers have a minimum trade amount of $25. However, there are some brokers who have a minimum trade amount of $1. With Trade Amount, traders can invest more in popular assets or they can also invest different amounts for each asset type. Traders can benefit from this special feature easily if they keep their assets activated.

Be an Efficient Trader with Binary Options Robot History Tab

Why is it important to keep track of trading results? The benefit of having an insight into all your strategic decisions and outcomes gives you an advantage for each next trade that you place.

History tab is located on the top of Binary Options Robot trading dashboard and it keeps all the details concerning each trade that you have ever placed. When traders access the History tab, they will see the following information: broker, direction, order and close time, strike price and close price, asset, investment, results, and returns.

Having all the result details is what makes transparent trading with Binary Options Robot a pleasant and safe experience. Besides trading in a safe environment, keeping track of all the results and its specifics, allows traders to improve their trading approach. By gaining a perspective on the way traders tend to trade, it allows them to become better and more experienced in all future trades.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account Completes the Special Features

Binary Options Robot VIP account falls under the special features because it is accessible to all Robot traders. The VIP account is created to help traders gain experience from their trading beginnings. That’s why traders can become VIP members when they register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker. Traders get a free month of VIP features which they can activate by contacting Binary Options Robot Customer Support.

Binary Options Robot VIP

The VIP account provides features like Risk Level, Trading Strategies and Expiry Times. These special features  can be used efficiently by all traders. If traders have an investment plan, it can be implemented to their advantage if they optimize the VIP features.

If traders familiarize themselves with all the Binary Options Robot features, they will definitely find it to be profitable and beneficial to their trading experience.

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