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Daweda Demo Account

Daweda Demo Account

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One of the most important things traders would like to have before they start trading with a broker is the opportunity to trade with a demo account. In this article, we have researched all important information about Daweda broker and their demo services.

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Does Daweda Provide Demo Account?

Just like most regulated brokerage companies, Daweda provides demo account services for their clients. This is one of the brokers that focused on providing educational services to its clients. Daweda Exchange is regulated by CySEC under Reg no.: 289/16. Besides being 100% regulated, this broker provides somewhat different trading approach than conventional brokers.

When trading with Daweda, traders are trading against each other, not against the house. This way broker is not on the other side of the trade which basically means the broker is acting more like an exchange company. By providing a different type of services for their clients Daweda allows traders to sell or buy contracts between other traders.

Start Trading with Daweda Demo Account First

Daweda is one of the brokers that focuses on traders knowledge first. When traders decide to register with Daweda Exchange, they just need to fill a few basic information before they can begin trading. After they managed to register, Daweda clients are offered to open Daweda demo account or Daweda real account.

We like the fact that Daweda company initiate their clients and directly recommend them, to begin with, their demo account first. Trading with a demo account is exactly the same as trading with real Daweda account. Those traders that have decided to trade with a demo account first just need to register with their email and choose a preferred password. Trading with Daweda demo account is not limited to a time period which means traders can practice as long as they want.

Daweda Demo Account is Free

Daweda Exchange is one of the rare brokerage companies that allowed traders to register with their demo account free of charge. Usually, traders have to register with a broker and make the first deposit before they can activate their demo account. In Daweda case, traders only need to register and they can immediately start practicing on a demo account.

Daweda demo account provides virtual funds for trading which mean traders are trading in a risk-free zone. If traders have made a deposit with Daweda real account trading with demo account still allows trading with virtual funds.

How to Open Daweda Real Trading Account

After traders feel ready to start real trading, they will see two buttons – Trade with real money, which is placed on Daweda top and bottom of the page. After a trader has clicked on that button, they will have to fill more information in order to begin real trading with this broker.

Traders can skip this step, but they will have to fill their information before the real deposit is made. Daweda provides traders to choose if they want to trade with a demo or real account every time they log into their trading accounts.

Daweda Customer Support

Like every regulated broker, Daweda provides both live chat services and standard email or phone support. We have tried to chat with one of Daweda representatives but they were offline so we have left a message.

Traders can ask anything and Daweda customer support should help traders with all queries they might have with a demo account.  

Daweda Provides Auto Trading Services

For those who are more into automated trading, Daweda is a brokerage company that has developed their own automated trading software. According to the broker, traders who don’t have time or knowledge to calculate binary signals on their own, Daweda Exchange ATS could be a better option. Daweda Auto trading Software doesn’t provide demo account services.

It is important to know that trading with Daweda ATS enables traders to trade only with one broker. Those who like to diversify their trading strategy might find this a bit boring. Traders who decide to register with Daweda ATS have to invest at least $500 to begin trading with this software.

If you want to find more detailed information about this software you can read our Daweda Exchange ATS review here.

Trading Daweda Demo Account on Mobile Platforms

This brokerage company has made a big effort and developed mobile apps for iOS and Android phones. They have focused on providing the best trading environment on all trading platforms. This means that Daweda traders can trade from classic desktop web-based platform and mobile and tablet platforms. It is important to know that Daweda interface has integrated Proprietary platform.

According to Daweda, they are leaders in providing the best trading environment and they are able to handle a huge number of messages per second which makes them a stable platform. As confirmed on Daweda site, this broker can handle more than 150K orders per second meaning they are providing effective and quick trading interface.

Traders who decided to trade with Daweda demo account first can simply switch between platforms, according to their preferences. Traders are also welcome to switch between real and demo account, no matter if they trade on desktop or mobile platform.  

Daweda Exchange Demo Account Conclusion

Traders need to know that when they switch from Daweda demo account to real account they will be charged with $0,5 fee for every executed trade. This is the difference between binary exchange services and standard binary options.

Traders might find interesting that for opening a real Daweda account they need to deposit only $100 which is considered below market industry. We haven’t found information about minimum withdrawal amount which probably means there isn’t one. The broker has attached clear terms and conditions which are available for all traders. We like the fact that broker offers both demo account and auto trading software. The broker provides various types of assets and traders can choose to trade between 5 minutes to End of the day trades.

We think every trader will find interesting features with Daweda Exchange.  

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