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Binary Options Robot vs Millionaire Blueprint

Binary Options Robot vs Millionaire Blueprint

We at Binary Option Robot try to provide valuable information regarding binary robots that provide binary options trading services. Auto trading has supposedly been a very popular choice for beginner traders as it should enable them to achieve better profit chances. This is thought out with algorithm trading. These algorithms are able to analyze the financial market and send binary signals to robot dashboard where traders can invest in them in order to make a profit.

Ideally, all binary robots should provide excellent trading service. However, we are here to find out if Binary Options Robot and Millionaire Blueprint aspire to do so for their traders.

Binary Options Robot vs. Millionaire Blueprint  – How They Work?

Binary Options Robot is a free trading software that does not have to downloaded or installed. Traders only create their trading account for free and become Binary Options Robot users. This binary robot is also based on algorithm trading but there is one thing that separates it from the rest of the binary robots available on the market.

Binary Options robot has recently introduced a novelty called Auto Trade Approval that is able to send its traders notification for every trade the Robot procures. Whenever the Robot scans the market while the trader is online, it sends binary signals which come through with a pop-up window named Auto Trade Approval. This setting enables traders to accept or decline every trade that is offered to them. Binary Options Robot provides the following information with this special setting: asset, investment value, expiry time for accepting the trade, the suggestion to call or put and the decline option. Traders are able to make up their own mind and decide whether they want to invest in every trade the Robot provides.

Millionaire Blueprint is a binary options software that also provides auto trading with several binary brokers. According to Millionaire Blueprint website, this binary provider allows up to 82% of returns. Traders that wish to start trading with this robot don’t need to pay to register, they just need to fill basic personal information.

Traders that register with Millionaire Blueprint are automatically registered with one of the brokers available on this binary software. In order to test Millionaire Blueprint, we have registered with a test account and got registered with Ivory Option broker.

Millionaire Blueprint is similar to Binary Options Robot and it is also based on generating computer algorithms.  Traders that trade with Millionaire Blueprint receive free binary signals which are automatically placed on certain trading assets. Allegedly, binary signals are generated and based on the complex market research and they are automatically integrated into Millionaire Blueprint platform.

When we compare these two binary products we can see the difference, because Binary Options Robot traders have more control over their trading portfolio, than Millionaire Blueprint traders have. Every product has certain advantages and traders will decide whether they prefer having more control over deciding which trade they will allow or they want to have a more automatic approach.

Binary Options Robot vs. Millionaire Blueprint – Payment Methods

When traders decide to trade with binary robots, they usually don’t have to create additional accounts for trading with more than one broker. This is the case for Binary Options Robot. You only need one trading account in order to trade with multiple brokers. To make a deposit with a broker on Binary Options Robot dashboard, you will automatically be given a broker for the first deposit. This will link you to the broker’s account where you can complete the payment. Usually, the minimum deposit amount is $250. Once the payment is complete, you can see your available funds on the Robot platform. Each time you decide to make another deposit with a different or the same broker, you always log in with the same Robot account. Trading with multiple brokers is also available on one platform.

Millionaire Blueprint is also a free binary software and as we have already mentioned, traders only need to register for free and make a deposit with a certain broker in order to start trading. As claimed by Millionaire Blueprint, in order to start trading traders need to invest from $250. We couldn’t reach Millionaire Blueprint customer support agents and find out what exact brokers are available for trading with this robot.

We have to say that Binary Options Robot provides more transparent information than we have been able to find out with Millionaire Blueprint software. Binary Options Robot serves detailed information about available brokers and we have found many useful educational guides that are helpful for those who want to find more about trading with Binary Options Robot.

Lack of information could lead towards mistrust, especially when traders want to find out information about payment options or similar facts.  

Binary Options Robot vs. Millionaire Blueprint – Trading Features

Along with features that are available on Robot platform, there is also a VIP account that does not require many deposits in order to use its features. For Binary Options Robot traders, once you register and make a deposit with a broker, you get one month of free VIP benefits.

Binary Options Robot VIP account includes several helpful tools like Risk level, Expiry times or choosing between four trading strategies.

We haven’t found any special trading features available with Millionaire Blueprint software. According to their website, this robot doesn’t include VIP features or demo account. Trading with Millionaire Blueprint is more like blind trading, meaning traders only need to deposit and let the software place trades on its own.

Traders that register with Millionaire Blueprint need to have the internet connection in order for software to be active. Millionaire Blueprint software is also web based application, just like Binary Options Robot and traders don’t need to download any files to their devices. According to Millionaire Blueprint website, this software is perfect for beginners without binary options experience.

We want to point out that trading and investing in binary options robots include certain risks and traders must be aware there is no fixed income that will bring profits to their trading account.    

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