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Binary Options Robot vs. Fintech

Binary Options Robot vs. Fintech

When auto trading emerged in binary options trading, many binary robots appeared on the market providing various trading services and claiming to be supreme software with features that could help beginner traders in achieving good odds for successful trading.

The initial idea for binary robots is to enable beginners and inexperienced traders to trade with binary options. In this review, we will provide information regarding two binary robots; Binary Options Robot and Fintech.

Traders can expect to find information such as what trading services these binary trading robots provide, what their registration and deposit procedures are, and how effective their customer support services are.

Binary Options Robot vs. Fintech Registration Process

Binary robots tend to have similar sign-up procedures making it easier for traders who are willing to try out more than one binary broker for trading. For traders who have no previous experience and are eager to trade with binary options, trading with a binary robot could easily turn out to be a good way to start.

For Binary Options Robot traders, signing up requires a few basic information and doesn’t cost anything. Binary Options Robot is a free trading software that has no downloads, and no additional charges or add-ons. As long as the trader is online, Binary Options Robot is available for trading.

Fintech is an auto trading software that also provides free registration service. Once traders fill out their information, their Fintech account is created. However, Fintech traders cannot access the trading dashboard until they make their first deposit with a broker. For Binary Options Robot traders, the trading dashboard is not completely inaccessible before registration is made. With Binary Options Robot traders get a glimpse of the actual dashboard before they start trading.

Deposit Information for Binary Options Robot vs. Fintech

Each trading software claims to not have any expenses in order to use their services for trading. However, both binary robots do require from traders to make the first deposit with a broker in order to fully access and utilize the trading dashboard.

To make the first deposit, traders are automatically assigned a broker from Binary Options Robot dashboard. Binary Options Robot supposedly never asks for any payments as all transactions are always performed between the traders and brokers.

Fintech also automatically assigns a broker for the first deposit. With Fintech and Binary Options Robot, traders are automatically redirected to the broker’s account where they can complete the deposit payment.

Once the deposit is completed, traders have full access to Binary Options Robot dashboard. Same goes for Fintech traders who get access to Fintech dashboard when they make the first deposit with a broker.

Auto Trade Approval on Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot has a novelty available for its traders. Unlike other binary robots where their service includes placing trades automatically, Binary Options Robot provides a new trading setting which claims to give traders more control over their trading decisions. Auto Trade Approval serves as a pop-up window that allows traders to accept or decline the trade offered by Robot on the trading platform.

Whenever the Robot generates a binary signal, Auto Trade Approval pops up informing the trader about the offered trade. The Auto Trade Approval information contains the asset, its investment value, a suggestion to either put or call, the expiry time for accepting the trade and the option to accept or decline the trade. With this setting, Binary Options Robot traders have the final say on each trade procured by the Robot.

Manual Trading Feature with Binary Options Robot and Fintech

Binary Options Robot offers manual trading on its trading dashboard. This feature is available for traders who would like to explore this type of trading. When traders opt for manual trading on Binary Options Robot platform, they are immediately linked to the broker’s website where they can continue to trade manually. This means that traders cannot use any of the Binary Options Robot features while they are trading manually.

Fintech also provides a manual trading option to its traders. This possibility might be useful for traders who have more experience and would like to trade manually as well.  

Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Binary Options Robot traders have the opportunity to access the VIP account right after they register with the Robot and make the first deposit with a broker. Traders only have to contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support. This will enable traders to use all the VIP features for an entire month. Once the VIP account is activated, traders can use Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies.

Risk Level allows traders to use low, medium or high risks while trading. Traders can choose to explore various trading opportunities by using different risk levels. Expiry Times has 60 Seconds and Daily Trade option for traders who want to trade with shorter and longer trading times.

The VIP account also has four Trading Strategies that traders can use while trading. Each strategy has its own trading algorithm so traders can alternate among them and use just one strategy or use two, three or all four strategies at the same time.

Fintech doesn’t have a VIP account on its trading dashboard. However, this auto trading robot has a feature called Trader Sentiment. This feature displays the percentage of traders who decided to trade the option manually or with auto trading.

With Binary Options Robot VIP Account, traders can prolong their VIP status for another 3 months just by making another deposit with the same or a different broker. They just have to contact Binary Options Robot customer support to prolong their VIP membership.

Customer Support for Binary Options Robot and Fintech

Binary Options Robot provides Customer Support for its traders from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday. Their Support team provides information regarding binary options, and assistance for every step while trading with Binary Options Robot. They are available via live chat and they can also be reached via the contact form.

Fintech customer support provides a contact form where traders fill out their information and fill out the message section. This is the only information about Fintech customer support that is available on their website.   

It can be concluded that Binary Options Robot website contains more information about their trading services without having to make a deposit right away. They have an extensive FAQ section with plenty of useful information for first-time traders. Fintech has an FAQ section with only 8 questions while Binary Options Robot has up to 10 questions for every aspect of trading; registry information, deposit information, trading features, VIP account features and their customer support has a live chat option so traders can receive immediate help while trading.

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