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Binary Options Robot vs. Binary Mastermind

Binary Options Robot vs. Binary Mastermind

There are many binary robots on the market that claim to provide binary options trading services that are available to traders that have no experience and to those who are more experienced or advanced traders. Be that as it may, traders should be fully familiar with the services of a binary robot that they choose for trading.

Therefore, we have decided to compare two binary robots – Binary Options Robot and Binary MasterMind. In this article, you will find out about their trading characteristics, features, claimed benefits and if they really provide the type of trading service they say.

Binary Options Robot vs. Binary MasterMind Trading Software

Binary Options Robot is a free binary trading software that is equipped with trading algorithms that generate binary signals. These signals come through on your trading dashboard as possible trades that Binary Options Robot traders can accept or decline. The option to accept or decline available trades is Binary Options Robot setting that supposedly gives more control to its users. When traders receive this Auto Trade Approval as a pop-up window, they can see the information which helps them decide whether they want to snap up the trade or not. Auto Trade Approval displays asset, investment value, the suggestion to call or put, expiry time to accept the trade and the option to decline the trade.

Binary MasterMind trading platform reminds us on other broker trading platforms. According to their website, this is beneficial to traders because they won’t need much time to get used to the trading portfolio. From what we have seen, Binary MasterMind dashboard is very simple and it is cozy for traders that plan to use it for more hours a day.

We couldn’t find much information about Binary MasterMind trading features and their website mostly consists of John West video that assures traders about its revolutionary features. We don’t have any concrete evidence about Binary MasterMind trading dashboard because this signals provider doesn’t allow to reach the dashboard before the deposit is made.

Binary MasterMind has listed several brokerage companies on their site but we see the lack of information on their website.

Binary Options Robot vs. Binary MasterMind Registration and Deposit Info

Binary Options Robot has a free registration process that only takes a few clicks. Traders are required to fill out a few basic information and their account is activated. Once it’s activated, traders don’t have to make a new account for every broker they deposit with. With Binary Options Robot, traders can choose to trade with multiple brokers. They only need to make a deposit with the broker through their Robot account.

To finish the deposit payment, traders will be linked to the broker’s account. This is because Binary Options Robot does not accept any payments. Traders only need to be online in order to trade with this binary robot. Offline trading is not possible with Binary Options Robot.

It is very simple to open Binary MasterMind as traders only need to fill basic personal information like name, last name, and email. Right after trader makes an account, traders will automatically be assigned with a broker that is available in their country.

We couldn’t reach much information about this signal provider because their site is very poor and has many shady and unrealistic. In order to start trading with Binary, MasterMind traders have to deposit at least $250. We have opened a test account and got registered with BinaryTilt. We think that automatic registration with a broker is a great solution for beginners that don’t know how to add or register with a broker.

After getting a broker account we were able to reach Binary MasterMind dashboard. We couldn’t find out if traders can choose to trade with more than one broker.   

Customer Support and Banking: Binary Options Robot vs. Binary MasterMind

Binary Options Robot Customer Support is available on live chat and via the contact form. Traders can contact them from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 10 pm. They have a team of professional agents that assist beginner traders and other traders to smoothly start trading. In addition, Binary Options Robot has a VIP Account that their Customer Support can activate for its traders. With Binary Options Robot, traders only need to create a free Robot account and make a deposit with a broker in order to get a free month of VIP benefits.  

Binary Options Robot and Binary Master Mind Platform Features

Binary Options Robot has a trading platform that provides several tabs which include trader’s profile, History and Trading Room. Traders are able to keep track of all the trades they placed in trading history. For traders who prefer manual trading, they can access Trading Room. This will link them to the broker’s account where they may proceed to trade manually. This does not include any of the Robot features as manual trading means that traders are able to perform all aspects of trading on their own.

Binary Options Robot has Trade Options feature that contains Daily Stop Loss and Max Daily Trades. These features should enable traders to manage their account investments more wisely. Daily Stop Loss should enable traders to set a spending amount for trading. Once the amount is spent, Robot stops trading immediately. Max Daily Trades is a feature that allows limitation regarding the number of trades that are placed. Traders can enter the maximum number of trades and once that amount is reached, trading will stop as well.  

With Binary Options Robot VIP account, traders can use features like Risk level, Trading Strategies and Expiry Times. When traders use their free month of VIP benefits, they can prolong it for additional 3 months by making a deposit with the same or another broker. They just need to contact Robot Customer Support to prolong their VIP membership.

Just like with Binary Options Robot, Binary MasterMind allows traders to activate the Active trading option. This option doesn’t make much sense when there is only one broker included, but some traders will find this useful. Binary MasterMind traders can set their Daily to stop loss feature, which has the same function as Binary Options Robot. We have to say that trading features remind us a lot on Binary Options Robot, except Robot seems to provide transparent approach.

Just like Robot, Binary MasterMind offers traders to choose between various trading assets which enables diversity in the trading strategy.

Traders that register with Binary MasterMind are offered to adjust several expiry times: 30 minutes, 1 hour, End of the day or End of the week. Besides various expiry times, we have found that Binary MasterMind allows adjusting risk level just like Binary Options Robot does.

We can’t confirm that Binary MasterMind provides transparent history information.

Binary Options Robot vs. Binary MasterMind Conclusion

This article should demonstrate what features these two binary robots provide and if they are useful to binary options traders. Whether traders choose to trade with Binary Options Robot or Binary Master Mind, there are always certain risks in binary options trading. This is a volatile financial market. Traders may minimize their risks by educating themselves on binary robot services and the broker they are trading with. We provide detailed reviews that traders are welcome to read in order to be properly informed.

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