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Binary Options Robot On The Move – Mobile Trading

Binary Options Robot On The Move – Mobile Trading

Living in a fast moving world has enabled numerous possibilities on our smartphones. Using a mobile phone for business, fun, learning or just reading a book – it is all possible and most important, it saves our time. Basically, we are constantly battling with time and technology helps us to use our time more efficiently.

The same time is in binary options industry, time is the most important factor that will determine your trading results. Being well informed is allowing us to improve our trading plan and to know which trading strategy to apply. Brokers are fighting to release the best possible trading platforms for their traders and to provide the highest service in the industry.

The same thing is with binary options robots where traders can trade from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The quality of trading platform depends on the amount of investment they are willing to spend.

In this article, we will discuss mobile trading with best binary options robot on the market – Binary Options Robot. Enjoy reading our article and start making profits from your smartphone!

Binary Options Robot has Released Android App and it is Free!

If  you still don’t know, Binary Options Robot has recently released free Android app for their trader’s ad they can get it for free. The application is available on Google Play store and it doesn’t take much space on your phone.

No matter if you are registered Binary Options Robot user or you already have an account with this product, you can now start using it through the new mobile application.

How To Use binary Options Robot Mobile App?

We have downloaded Binary Options Robot mobile app to review and test the quality of mobile service. If you have an Android phone, just go to Google Play and search for Binary Options Robot app. Download it to your device and log in with your login details.

The principle of using the mobile app is exactly the same as it is with Binary Options Robot desktop version. Traders can access all trading features and use all available tools on their trading account. This includes the possibility to add more brokers to your platform, change trading settings, chat with Binary Options Robot customer support team and check your trading history as well.

Besides all these features, traders are allowed to activate their Binary Options Robot VIP account and enjoy more trading options which will provide better user experience and possibility for greater profits.

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Benefits of Mobile Trading With Binary Options Robot

The possibility to place trades while you are on the move will change your trading results forever. Trading binary options require being constantly updated with financial news and your trading strategy, so trading with Binary Options Robot on your mobile phone aims to better trading experience.

The benefit of mobile trading is that traders can check their trading results anytime they want. Trading with Binary Options Robot on your mobile phone is available to all traders since this is a web-based application that runs from a Cloud. This means that traders can also set their preferred settings and use all features from Binary Options Robot platform.

Can I Trade Binary Options Robot From my iPhone?

Yes, you can use your iPhone and trade with Binary Options Robot. Traders that have iPhone devices can log in with their accounts through Binary Options Robot desktop version that provides all trading options and tools.

In order to trade with Robot, traders must be online in order to enable the trading process. This way Robot decreases the possibility to lose trading investments and to have better control over your trading portfolio.

There is still no iOS mobile application released, but Binary Options Robot announced that launch date is very close.

We have tested Binary Options Robot on our iPhone device. We haven’t experienced any bad situations, as the Robot account shows exactly the same settings and trading dashboard like with desktop version. Traders can also enjoy changing their settings, choosing preferred assets, chatting with customer support and using their VIP account features. Of course, Binary Options Robot allows trading with multiple brokers on every iPhone device.

Binary Options Robot has Announced New Benefit

No matter if traders are using Binary Options Robot desktop version or mobile app, there is one new trading setting that is implemented in Robot software. Since many traders wanted more control over their trading portfolio, Binary Options Robot has introduced new Auto trade Approval benefit that gives traders 100% controllability over their trading accounts.

Before this setting was introduced, Binary Options Robot worked just like other binary robots, it generated the signals and placed trades for their traders. From now, every time the Robot gets a binary signal, the trader will receive a popup window notification with information about that specific signal. The popup window will provide info about a trading asset, the amount of the investment, the expiry time and the name of the broker. In order to enable the trade, traders will choose Trade button.

This novelty has increased the level of security for all traders which is not common for other binary robots in this industry.

Binary Options Robot Auto Trading Approval on Mobile Devices

Binary Options Robot is now 100% controllable binary trading software where its traders decide whether choose to accept or decline trade with a specific broker. Mobile users will have the same experience with their Robot.

Robot approval benefit is also allowed on all mobile devices and tablets so traders can easily monitor and place trades from their trading dashboard. This setting is applied to all trading accounts and traders don’t need to activate any new settings on their accounts.

We have contacted Binary Options Robot customer support agents in order to check if they will provide sufficient information about this novelty. Their agents informed us about the approval benefit and how to use it. This feature has brought 100% transparency with Binary Options Robot account and traders will feel more comfortable when trading. We would definitely rate this new improvement with 5 stars.

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