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Best Binary Options Robot

Best Binary Options Robot

The possibility of making money with binary options is becoming more and more noticeable among people who could not even dream of entering the world of binary options trading. Luckily, the tables have turned and inexperienced traders can fulfill their wishes through auto trading.

Binary Options Robot is the leading software in the auto trading industry.

With the free registration, user-friendly interface and special trading features, new traders find themselves making good money within a couple of weeks. This way of investment has been widely accepted by traders, especially beginners.

It is quite obvious why. The Robot executes multiple trades instantaneously as it constantly receives binary signals which provide the information from the market about the best trades to place. The trader simply needs to register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker.

Working only with respectful binary options brokers, we are here to talk about how you can set up your Binary Options Robot to trade with those brokers.

When money trading is involved, we do believe that it is extremely important to be transparent and honest. That is why we checked out the broker information and we are happy to report that Binary Options Robot provides just the best binary options brokers on its trading platform.

Register with The Robot, Deposit with Multiple Brokers

So, what are the advantages of having Binary Options Robot trade for you?

To register, you just have to fill out the basic information and you’ve got yourself a free Robot account. Since it is completely for free, traders only need to be online to use the Robot. This ensures traders of total control over their trading account.

The next step is making a deposit with one of the brokers on the Binary Options Robot dashboard. There are over 300 brokers that provide their services for binary options trading and not all of them are reliable and trustworthy.

However, when you decide to trade with Binary Options Robot, you will see that they truly provide their traders with the best brokers. That is why we strongly suggest that you read the rest of this article to see how at one place you get transparent trading from the moment you sign up with Binary Options Robot.

Since brokers on the Robot dashboard enjoy a great reputation, traders usually choose to trade with multiple brokers at the same time as it enhances their winning chances significantly.

When you register with the Robot, you make the first deposit with just one of the brokers. Choosing a broker for the first time only depends on trader’s personal trading needs. The minimum deposit amount might differ among brokers. The usual fee is $250. When you pick the broker from the Robot list, you will be linked to their account to make a deposit. This also shouldn’t take long, it is fairly easy and straightforward. Now, you can begin to trade with the Robot.

Binary Options Robot Brokers

As previously mentioned, beginner traders usually opt for trading with more than one broker quite soon after they begin trading. This is because it gives them a lot more earning possibilities.

And it is easier. You do it all from the same place. But traders should be fully familiar with their Robot platform. Knowing how to customize it profitably is the ultimate goal, right? If you keep reading, you will discover how to set up the dashboard as we offer a few crucial tips that could instantly bring great results.


You can also check out broker reviews on and find out more about the best available brokers. Don’t forget, any payments and withdrawals happen between traders and brokers.

Binary Options Robot does not have any deposit or withdrawal options. It simply shows your available funds on the dashboard, right next to the broker you are trading with.

How Do I Customize My Binary Options Robot Dashboard?

When you begin trading, make sure that “Active Trading” is on. Otherwise, the Robot can’t place any trades.

Take a look at your Assets on the Robot platform. There are over 50 of them and all have a financial value. There are 3 types of assets that are most popular for trading; Currency pairs, Stocks and Commodities.

Traders can put a different trading amount for each type of asset. The minimum trading amount usually differs among brokers. For most brokers, it is $25. However, Banc de Binary and OptionFM have a $1 minimum trading amount.

For better trading opportunities, you should have most of your assets activated. The Robot is getting plenty of binary signals that are just popping up. It can place a lot more trades as oppose to having only a few assets activated.  

A feature, such as Trade Options, focuses more on handling your daily investments. With Daily Stop loss, traders put a maximum spending limit. The Robot stops trading when it spends it.

Max Daily Trades lets you set a maximum number of daily trades. The Robot places trades until it reaches that number.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Binary Options Robot VIP Account is available to all Robot users. They reward their traders with one month of free VIP membership. Traders just need to register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker. Just contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support to activate your VIP account.

With features such as Risk Level, Trading strategies and Expiry Times, traders can upgrade their own trading skills easily.

Choose different risk levels for each broker and explore diverse trading for greater earning opportunities.

Activate all four trading strategies and explore them while trading with multiple brokers. Each strategy has its own trading algorithm that traders could benefit from in more ways than one.

Use different Expiry Times whether you prefer shorter or longer trading timeframe.

Binary Options Robot VIP account even lets traders prolong their VIP status after the first month expires. Wen traders make another deposit with the same or another broker, they get to use the VIP features for 3 more months. Their agents at Customer Support will prolong your VIP account.

There is nothing stopping you to start trading with Binary Options Robot. With all the available features, great profit chances, and reliable brokers, beginner traders finally have the same earning opportunities as any other experienced trader.

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