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Become a Trading Expert with Binary Options Robot VIP Features

Become a Trading Expert with Binary Options Robot VIP Features

Binary Options Robot has been a source of financial gain for many traders since it has established itself as a legitimate and successful auto trading software. Among the other binary options robots, Binary Options Robot has managed to keep an upstanding and untainted reputation.

Among the many features that can improve traders’ financial status, the VIP account has always made the entire trading process with the Robot a complete experience.

Especially with the arrival of the new Binary Options Robot unique setting, traders have been excelling at binary options trading. Binary Options Robot helps traders become trading experts.

Auto Trade Approval has given greater control to Binary Options Robot traders. When the Robot finds the optimal trade, traders now have the opportunity to snap up that trade. However, they can also decline it. The benefit of Auto Trade Approval is that it gives the traders all the important information about the trade. Traders will get a pop up window which will inform them of the asset, investment value, expiry time for accepting the trade and whether the trader should opt for a call or put option. Traders have the final say on whether the offered trade will be snapped or passed.  

Binary Options Robot Perks

What makes Binary Options Robot the most productive binary robot is the fact that everything is thought out to complete the traders’ needs. From the registration process, making a deposit and optimizing the dashboard, Binary Options Robot is a 100% controllable auto trading software.

The VIP Account is not designed only for traders with special privileges. Binary Options Robot is known for providing a high success rate for beginners as well as advanced traders.

Since this software is free, traders don’t have to download anything when they register. You only need to fill out basic information and this will activate your trading account. Once that is completed, traders can immediately deposit with a broker. This procedure is done on the broker’s account. Traders will be directly linked to the broker’s site to complete the payment process. This enables you to begin trading with Binary Options Robot.

Basic Information About Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Once traders are ready to begin trading, they should go to their trading platform to familiarize themselves with all the features. This is important for traders who really want to make serious money in binary options.

Knowing what the features provide and how to benefit from them is crucial to trader’s way to becoming a trading expert. It’s like having the best car but not knowing how to drive it. Binary Options Robot is designed to be completely user friendly and traders really have to get to know each and every trading benefit it provides.

With the VIP account, traders get 3 additional features that can level up your trading strategy. There is Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies. All the features have an important role in traders’ strategizing and technique improvement.

How do traders become VIP members? Once traders register with the Robot and make a deposit with a broker, they are rewarded with the VIP account for an entire month. They just need to contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support. They activate the VIP features located on your trading dashboard.

There are ways to prolong your free VIP status. When the free month expires, traders are able to get additional 3 months of VIP membership when they make another deposit with the same or another broker. With all these benefits, Binary Options Robot really covers all areas to enable its traders to gain expertise in binary options trading.

Sharpen Your Skills with Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies

The Risk Level perfectly depicts how Binary Options Robot allows traders of different experiences to perfect their trading approach. Novice traders like to begin trading with a low risk level. This means that the Robot will place fewer and safer trades. This is a good way for beginners to get an insight into the trading dashboard and the trading opportunities it provides.

Furthermore, for a more exciting experience, traders get to use the high risk level option. This allows them to explore a more thrilling side of trading. With high risk level, the Robot provides a larger number of trades because it looks for trades with higher profit options.

Traders can optimize among 4 different risk levels at any time. In fact, traders are encouraged to try out different risk levels while trading with multiple brokers. This allows them to set their trading dashboard differently for each broker they have deposited with.

Expiry Times focuses on trades with different trading times. There are 2 options that traders can explore. 60 seconds is for traders who want shorter trading times. Daily Trade is for traders who want the Robot to look for trades that have longer trading times. Of course, traders can keep both options active and the Robot will look for trades with various expiry time possibilities.     

Trading Strategies are a set of trading algorithms with each algorithm fulfilling a different trading method. As each strategy has its own algorithm, traders can strategize with more than one strategy and explore multiple winning possibilities.

With all these VIP features, there are many ways for traders to become experts in binary options trading.  

Expand your Expertise with Binary Options Robot Mobile App

Binary Options Robot VIP account, Trade Options, Trade Amount and all the features that Binary Options Robot provides are also available on the Binary Options Robot Android Mobile App. For all Robot traders, the VIP account is now also available on the new Mobile App. Traders only need to install it for free from Play Store.

If you are already a Binary Options Robot trader, you can use your existing account to log in on the mobile app. Traders can now actively trade on their mobile devices with the best mobile trading platform.  

When traders master all the trading features and benefits, there is always room for improvement. Becoming an expert might not happen overnight but it can certainly happen a lot sooner thanks to this revolutionary auto trading software. With constant improvement thanks to all the features, traders have the ideal layout to become more precise, concise, and financially stable.    

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